Why are windows so important?

Time and time again people ask me what is the difference between your windows and the competition?

As many people know, the windows are one of the most important aspects of a hunting blind, because that's where you will be shooting your deer from. Wisth Outdoor Products, everything is handmade, therefore, we are able to customize your hunting blind at little to no extra cost. If you want the windows lower, higher, bigger, smaller, side-by-side, stacked on top of each other, we can do it.

Another thing that comes along with the windows is the fact that they are glass hinge windows. They will not freeze up like sliders, or scratch like plexiglass. Camo mesh screens are available to knock down the glare on the outside and make it harder for deer to see in. The hinges are a plastic insert that goes inside of a metal brackets, plastic on metal will not make any noise (squeaking).

All of our blinds come standard with clear glass, but for a mere $5 a window, grey glass can be bought to make it harder to see in because it knocks down light penetration. We add a strip of weather stripping to the bottom of the windows to prevent moisture penetration, as the standard weather stripping does not perform to our standards. Our windows hold out 99% of moisture even with driving rains, though sometimes you may experience a couple drips, thats a reason why our floors are treated, the other being walking in with muddy & wet boots.

We can also make windows to fit your existing blind.

Windows are a huge factor in harvesting the trophy deer, that's why we make windows one of the most important factors when we build. Building around your hunt is what we strive to do.

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