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When Wisth Outdoor Products was started, I knew it was going to be a challenge hopping into such a diverse market. After thoroughly examine many of the other products out there I realized that I can make something bigger and better. We offer so many more options than most, this leading way to make your hunt that much more successful. Our products are evolving every year, offering something more than the last year. With a Rut Hut Blind from Wisth Outdoor Products you can expect a lot.

  • Installation

  • Wisth Outdoor Products can install your Rut Hut Blind at your hunting grounds for a small fee. We can either determine a spot based on scouting your land or you can have a spot picked out from past successes or predetermined scouting.

  • Quality

  • Quality starts with the first board. Cut at the right lengths and angles to ensure the correct fit. Next we assemble the walls with a lightweight durable plywood, carpet on top of that, insulation in the wall cavities and aluminum on the exterior. Everything is 100% sealed with a caulk so you won't have to worry about any weather penetration, not to mention rodents.

  • Affordable

  • We have quite a few variety of models to fit almost any budget. We can also build to suit. The Whitetail Series being the most affordable it is the basic model, frame, windows, door, and sealed exterior. Or you could jump up to a Hex-a-bow Plus and have an elite bow hunting blind for a little more money.

  • Built around YOU

  • Our Hunting Blinds are fully custom built to your standards. Though we do offer a standard option you can change almost everything. Window size, window height, window tint (clear, grey or even a camo cover), double windows, angled corners, ceiling height, vents, etc, etc

Our clients are our number one priority, with that said your satisfaction is guaranteed. We want you to have a successful hunting season, while sitting comfortably in your stand, out of the elements.

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