Above and Beyond

A couple weekends ago, at the Deer and Turkey Expo, I found many people asking us, "What makes your blind better than them?" For the sake of your time and mine, I will only cover a few.

The hunting blinds we make are fully customizable, that means if you want to change the window size, window height, window color, door size, an in-floor door, in-swing door, out-swing door, interior finish, exterior color, size of your blind, height of your blind. Sometimes people find it hard to believe that we can do all of that AT LITTLE TO NO EXTRA COST!! We are able to do so, because everything we make, is made from scratch.

Another thing is, our blinds have structure. We use a 2x2 wood frame construction to build our blinds. Having a structure like this gives the blinds rigidity, strength, and obviously structure. Most blinds on the market do not have structure, they are either a thin walled plastic or fiberglass, or a thin unstructured plywood wall. Having a structure wall lets room for insulation, wall attachments inside, and overall rigidity of your blind versus many other products.

Over time we will cover more topic on what sets us apart from other products on the market, and how we build our blinds around you, and your hunting experience.

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