Drop Tine Blinds has many options to complete your blind. Add a softer floor covering, conceal yourself with window coverings, keep your feet warmer, put your blind on a tower, stairs and many more items to help you get comfy and make it a successful hunt. 

Windows and Doors


We offer several different window options, as windows are one of the most important parts of the blind.


All windows are silent hinge tempered glass, sealed with a gasket around opening. Windows come in clear or tinted, tinted is standard. Camo mesh can be added to break down being able to see in.


You can customize your window size and height just the way you want it and increase the effectiveness of harvesting all types of game. In addition, we also build and install custom aluminum frame doors. 


We offer two standard finishes. All blinds come with Drop Tine Camo, painted on a bronze embossed FRP panel or unpainted, if desired. 

Insulated Floor


Cold feet seem to always be a problem while your hunting after November, even in a lot of box blinds. Drop Tine Blinds are made with insulated floors to help keep the cold out and the warmth in! As well as keeping the rodent out wit the aluminum sub floor guard.


The interior of our blinds can also be customized to provide maximum comfort and functionality.


We offer custom shelves and gun racks to store all your equipment. Shelves come standard in all blinds. Swivel seats are suggested because they offer an easy 360-degree quiet turnaround view.


In addition, we install grey outdoor carpet on walls and floor in all blinds. As you may have read Drop Tine Blinds are fully custom, so if you want a carsiding interior or a wainscoting finish in your blind we can do it. 

Tower System

We can help provide the assembly to raise your blind to your desired height, with a 4”X 4” treated leg assembly.


We use Drop Tine Blinds universal tower stand brackets, for an easy installation. 


Our standard tower setup includes a stairs, anchor system, 4x4 tower, cross bracing and fasteners. 

If desired we can install an infloor door instead of a wall mounted door, in-ground tower, stairs, or a deck/landing area.



Drop Tine Blinds come sealed as a standard model, but ventilation can add some fresh air from stagnant condition in the blind. Whether you have a heater or just want a subtle bit of air, vents can solve it!



Trailers can greatly accommodate many hunters. Simply putting your hunting blind mounted on a trailer from Drop Tine Blinds, can ease your blind accessibility and lets you easily move it where the game is.

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