In 2014 Marshall Wisth saw a wide gap in the way hunting blinds were made. Many of the hunting blind products you would hear about were the big name brands, that were designed by engineers, not hunters, to be made as cheaply as possible in order to make an extra buck. The many flaws each of these larger companies incurred, inspired Marshall to create an ultimate hunting blind that was high quality, comfortable, affordable and customizable. 

Ask us any question, and we will justify why our blinds will outperform any of the competitors with similar products. 

Below are a few reasons why what we offer is nothing less than the very BEST!

  • The first thing is tailoring your blind around the ways YOU hunt. All of our blinds can be custom built in order to meet your needs for hunting. We know not everyone hunts the same, so why should you have to hunt in the same "cookie cutter" blind.

  • Windows, windows, windows. The key to a successful hunt in a blind is having clear, strong, durable, life long windows. Everything from watching game come in, to harvesting game, happens through the windows. Made with real glass that will not fade or scratch, you can customize your window opening to suit your style of hunting. Vertical windows for bow hunting or horizontal windows for gun hunting, we work with you to minimize blind spots.

  • Comfort while hunting is why blinds are such big hits for hunters. This all starts with insulation as our blinds are insulated with a high efficiency foam design. Whereas many other plastic and fiberglass blinds are uninsulated because they have no real structure and cannot be insulated. Another factor while hunting for COMFORT is having a weather proof and rodent proof blind. All of our products are guaranteed, and that includes being sealed from the elements and rodents.​ Plastic blinds cannot offer the many benefits of FRP because they are a soft material while rodents can chew through and the sun beats on the blind depleting the plastic.

  • Having a lightweight and efficient blind that is very efficient is HUGE.

  • We will make your dreams come true, don't invest in a cookie cutter blind, get a blind that is built FOR YOU. 

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