In 2014, Marshall Wisth saw a wide gap in the way hunting blinds were built. Many of the hunting blind products you'd hear about were big name brands that were designed by engineers, not hunters, made as cheaply as possible in order to make an extra buck. The many flaws each of these larger companies incurred, inspired Marshall to create the ultimate hunting blind that is made from the highest quality material, extremely comfortable, fairly priced and customizable. 


A lot of times, if we aren't told something, we don't know, the same goes with hunting blinds. Hunting blinds are an investment that shouldn't get "the blind eye". 

Next time you're at a box store or a dealer of any brand, take a look inside, knock on the walls, take a look at the rigidity and then compare that to Drop Tine Blinds. We take great pride in building the best hunting blinds available. If there's something you'd like to change, we can do that, nothing is set in stone.  One size, doesn't fit all. 

Not every hunter is the same, that is why we offer custom options, from changing window size and height to putting up a tower with stairs and a deck. Here at Drop Tine Blinds we pride ourselves in providing our customers with their wants and needs in a comfortable and long lasting blind, while making the wait for a trophy deer more comfy. Quality is the backbone of all of our products, come experience hunting on another level.

The first thing is tailoring your blind around the ways YOU hunt. All of our blinds can be custom built in order to meet your needs for hunting. We know not everyone hunts the same, so why should you have to hunt in the same "cookie cutter" blind.

Windows, windows, windows. The key to a successful hunt in a blind is having clear, strong, durable, life long windows. Everything from watching game come in, to harvesting game, happens through the windows. Made with real glass that will not fade or scratch, you can customize your window opening to suit your style of hunting. Vertical windows for bow hunting or horizontal windows for gun hunting, we work with you to minimize blind spots.

Comfort while hunting is why blinds have become so popular. This all starts with insulation, our blinds are insulated with a high efficiency foam design. Whereas many other plastic and fiberglass blinds are not insulated because they have no real structure and cannot be insulated. Another factor while hunting for COMFORT is having a weather proof and rodent proof blind.​ Plastic blinds cannot offer the many benefits of epoxy because they are a soft material while rodents can chew through and the sun beats on the blind depleting the plastic.

Having a comfortable blind with minimal maintenance  gives you that much more time to hunt.

custom 6x8.jpg


Investing in your passion is a commitment. Next time you're looking for the next hunting blind, look at our competitors quality, and look at Drop Tine Blinds. You'll see the difference.



Our exteriors are 99% maintenance free. Just a simple wipe down, yearly, is all you need. It all starts with using products that are meant for the elements.


Insulated Floor, Walls, and Roof 

When you're hunting outside or without a heater, what usually gets cold first? Most say their feet. What other hunting blinds manufacturers actually insulate their floors? Drop Tine Blinds does walls, floors and roofs are all insulated. Less trips with propane canisters, more comfort while hunting.



Do you have a trailer, running gear, or a special design that you'd like? Custom is everything we do. Drop Tine Blinds will get you set up the way you want. 


Carpeted walls and floor

We all occasionally drop something or are sitting all day and need to eat some lunch. That's why Drop Tine Blinds carpets all of the walls and floors, to help reduce interior noises. 


100% Rodent Proof

Rodents, they're everywhere, except Drop Tine Blinds. Our blinds are guaranteed rodent proof. We use the highest quality material to ensure you don't get to your stand opening day with an entire colony of mice one step ahead of you.